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Revenue Giants

Net Gaming
Collective commissions on Net Gaming are totalled at the end of the month for all sites. Summed up it is simply any deposits made less any withdrawals in that month.

The commission is 30% of the NET GAMING. Net Gaming is determined by adding the total deposits for the month and subtracting total withdrawals for the month.

Net Gaming = Deposits - Withdrawals

For example, if an affiliate has $1,000 in deposits for one month and the players withdraw $500 for that month, the "net win" for the month would be $500. At 30% commission rate, that affiliate would be paid $150 (30% of $500) for the month. Now if that same affiliate had $1,000 in deposits and $1,500 in withdrawals for the month (because his/her players won money) then the "net win" would be -$500 for the month. In other words, we would lose money for that month and the affiliate would have a negative balance for the month and he/she would earn no commission for the month. Full details can be found in our no negative carry over section below. More details in our FAQ section.

No Negative Carry Over:
We do not carry forward negative balances to the next month. This means if you have players with large wins in one month and your balance shows a negative sum, we will cancel it out and you'll start from zero again the next month.

Payment Process:
- Payments are processed on the first Monday of each month.
- Payment period is from 12am on the first day of the month until 12pm on the last day.
- uses Wire Transfer or Neteller for all payments.
CPA Revenue Share Player Value Real/Fun Player Conversion
$300 40% $2000 1:2

Rating: 1.8 (61 votes cast)

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