Casino Napoleon

In this police thriller, money, seduction, crimes and a lot of action mix in a frenetic and suspense rhythm. First, it was the ominous warning that there would be a wave of crimes in the city of Bruges, all of them related to gambling. Then the first murder. Soon after, two more victims. And absolutely no clue, nothing to link one crime to another. One of Belgium's well-known detective is called on to unveil the identity of whoever leads this unprecedented conspiracy. Penetrating the dark and dangerous reality that lurks beneath the world of casinos, Peter Van In seeks to discover the culprits for the deaths through a bold plan that puts his career, friends and family at risk. For this detective obstinate for justice, nothing can stand between him and the truth, not even the Master of the Game.

There was a time when banking always won. Now scientists and mathematicians are giving players a competitive advantage. Physicists have tame the randomness of roulette, computer spielautomaten spiele scientists are transforming the strategy of poker, and statisticians know what makes a champion horse. Mathematics and science revolutionized gambling.

But the reverse is true: bets have also revolutionized science and mathematics. Fermat and Pascal spelautomater online used craps to lay the groundwork for probability theory; Von Neumann and Turing found inspiration in poker; the solitaire game helped Stanis aw Ulam to develop the hydrogen bomb. The search for the perfect bet has influenced fields as diverse as chaos theory, behavioral psychology and artificial intelligence.

In The Science of Luck, award-winning writer Adam Kucharski takes us through Las Vegas roulette tables, lotteries and horse racing tracks in Hong Kong to tell the story of men and women who won the stand - and changed our fundamental ideas about chance, randomness Twin Casino and luck. In a course that covers mathematics, psychology, economics and physics, you will meet robots capable of bluffing and manipulating opponents, the mathematician who threw a coin up 25,000 times to study probability and university students who profited by exploiting a lottery loophole.

Learning to play poker is the first book on the sport written by a Brazilian professional. Leo Bello enriches the text with the technical part, with very didactic illustrations, and adds his experiences in Brazilian and world tournaments. The author makes a parallel with the financial market and shows us the similarities in the two universes: those who study, have patience, self-control and selective aggressiveness are winners. In Learning to play poker, you will discover that, in this sport, you must have the same reasoning as an investor: protect your capital to the maximum, diversifying machines a sous the games and limits, knowing when to risk it or not. He guarantees: even without becoming a professional, it is possible to develop your skills and live off the sport.

Roulette Complete Practical Guide intends to take to the beginner or advanced bettor all the necessary basis to consciously bet (Rules, procedures, specifications, types of bets, payments), everything is detailed so that it is possible to clarify almost all the questions related to roulette. For both a layman and a regular bettor, this book solves doubts about how to play, giving the bettor much more security and confidence as he learns ways to increase his chances and multiply his profits. We sought to fully address each move, their respective payout rates and especially their probability of success. It also includes a special chapter teaching how to calculate the probabilities. Finally Casino en Linea we compiled some stories and a small collection of books, films and roulette stories.